Become a member

Type of Members

In accordance with the legislation, the association consists of effective and affiliated members.
It is only the effective members who have the privilege to govern the association and have the right to vote. There are also benefactors and honorary members.

What are effective members?

Any person Belgian or foreigner who is the holder of an honorary badge, bearer of a civil cross or a badge of honour for courage and self-sacrifice or humanity lawfully presented by the Belgian State or a State recognised by the Belgian State.

What are connected members?

Any person who defends the interests of the association.

What are benefactors?

Any member effective or affiliated, who has demonstrated qualities and services related to the purpose of the association.

What are honorary members?

Any member, effective or affiliated, who has been requested by the national board because of their qualities or services rendered in relation to the purpose of our association. By their affiliation alone, the members acknowledge the object and purpose of the association and total respect for the statutes and regulations. Each candidate must demonstrate good citizenship, morals and have reached at least the age of 18. The candidates, signed by two godparents, are introduced to a regional or provincial committee and the file costs and contribution fees must be received by the treasurer of this committee.

Conditions to become a member

Anyone who is at least 18 years old may become a member of this association.

You become an effective member when you are a bearer of a Sign of Honour or Medal awarded for an act of courage, self-sacrifice or humanity, granted by the state.
The National Board of Directors takes the final decision to accept the candidate if he or she is a bearer of a Belgian or foreign badge of honour.

If you wish to be included as an effective member, please enclose a photocopy of all the official military or civil decorations awarded to you.

If you are not in possession of a Badge of Honour or Medal, you are of course also welcome in our association, but as a Supporting Member..

A membership card will be given to each member.

All members must be proposed by two responsible godparents, who are already members of the association.

Cost price

The annual contribution for both Effective and Supporting Members is 14 €.

For new members we charge a one-time application fee of 3 €.

To join our association as an honorary member, the annual contribution is 100€.